• Our 2019 Mistress of Ceremonies: Theresia Millasovich as Marilyn Monroe!

    Our MC this year will be Theresia Millasovich as Marilyn Monroe, bringing the beloved glamour of
    Marilyn to the Gloucester Harvest Music Festival, with her mission statement “Keeping Marilyn Alive!”
    A life-long singer, actor and dancer, Theresia dazzles audiences with her uncanny embodiment of
    Marilyn Monroe-her looks, voice and mannerisms. Her performances and appearances are light-
    hearted, fun, positive and family-friendly.
    Staying with the theme “Women Rock!” whom better to MC the Gloucester Harvest Music Festival than
    the #1 female legend of all time-Marilyn Monroe!!
    Marilyn placed herself on the cutting-edge of civil rights. When the Mocambo Club would not allow Ella
    Fitzgerald to perform there because of her race, Marilyn said if they booked Fitzgerald she would sit in
    the front row every night. They did hire Ella Fitzgerald and Marilyn did sit in the front row every
    evening!! “Marilyn was an unusual woman – a little ahead of her times. And she didn’t know it!”
    Marilyn divorced 3 unsupportive husbands who interfered in her career and her self-esteem, fought for
    her modeling and film success, continued to perfect her art by taking acting classes long after she was a
    big star, battled studios to have more control over her own image and destiny, started her own
    production company, bought her own home, even jogging, lifting weights and wearing jeans. All these
    things were accomplished 6 years before the first feminist protest at the Miss America Pageant and 8
    years before the First Congress to Unite Women in NY.
    Besides private and corporate events Theresia has entertained at many prominent fundraisers, working
    with many local celebrities such as Dennis Eckersley, Bill Costa, Jeremy Reiner and stars like Tony
    Orlando, who is quoted as saying “You are Marilyn!” She has performed all over New England, Atlantic
    City and Orlando, Florida.
    Theresia as Marilyn is the winner of Gigmaster.com’s “Best of” for 2016, 2017 and 2018 and recipient of
    Gigmaster’s 2016 Rising Star Award. She also has “Top Performer” status on Gigsalad.com, for the most
    performances booked.
    Marilyn lives on in the hearts of her many fans; and Theresia as Marilyn will be bringing her to life at the
    Gloucester Harvest Music Festival!!!!

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